Software Development Engineer, engineer who thrives, with techniques on, how products can - Cape Town, South Africa


Software Development Engineer, engineer who thrives, with techniques on, how products can

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Mar 01
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Company Name: Consultants Taudata Type Position: Full-time suitable candidate will be responsible for: developing software services that are designed to adapt to the evolution of the company's business and improve quality and customer experience as well, and the productivity of operations teams. Development platform that will allow the opportunity to contribute to the completion of the vertical stack of SOA-based system, which is connected horizontally to most systems in the largest ecosystem. And include the areas of business intelligence, web service implementation and database design, and web applications, user interface design and ease of use and optimize the benefits for people with disabilities. Building relationships with existing and potential customers internal to understand their individual needs and explain how products can add value to their business. Developers in this position will use a variety of techniques of power source and open such as Java, C + +, Linux, Perl, JavaScript, and Oracle, as well as technologies.Recruiter company at home: Shahied Position Type: Full Kamilalozifah: The Onaltalim: basic qualifications: Degree Bachelor of Science '; computer or equivalent, and technical skills required for this role include 3-5 years of object-oriented design and programming in Java or C + +, and applications for building expertise with a focus on application design and optimization, memory / CPU / network usage; 3 years experience ’ with techniques on the Internet is essential. These may include HTTP, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, Apache, Tomcat; is highly desired experience in practical work in the framework of deadlines with the driver. Preferred Qualifications: machine learning, data mining, SQL / data modeling, and system design. EXPERIENCE: A dynamic and rapidly growing global software company has vacancies for software development engineer. Their development team working on various green field projects including customer facing applications. My client has a need for a software development engineer who thrives in a fast-paced dynamic environment. Ref: 3090/1066

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Software Development Engineer engineer who thrives with techniques on how products can
Software Development Engineer, engineer who thrives, with techniques on, how products can

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