Senior systems manager, for systems based, to provide support, will also need - Cape Town, South Africa


Senior systems manager, for systems based, to provide support, will also need

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Apr 28
  • Phone:
Name Company: RECRUITWELL Job Alozivimder senior systems - Cape Taunmuqekab the Taunalgred of Alozifahmpetkr to reduce exposure to risk him, and the introduction of IT governance and management of information related to infrastructure of the organization. It will also need to provide support for systems based on Microsoft servers, Kaseya, monitoring solutions, VMware, and solutions SAN, networks and physical infrastructure. Responsibilities Alrisahadkhal and management tools for monitoring low-cost and operations of both the company and Alamlaethalil service requests and create an environment Astbagahadarh Kaseya office IT services Almalomatadarh Akaddratadarh Altofferadarh security Almalomatafrik change management Alkhademtaufer inputs for problem management, and management Alhawwadtadarh catalog Alkhaddmamord / Management BaÚatgarir to the commander of the domain: Juadmdam Microsoft Exchange, Lync, and Active Directory, VMware, Ntdam surface Almketbalmttlebatt Home EE candidate ITIL Mmarssgel track record of vendor management and Mordinsgel track record of implementation capacity and management systems Tuarahaana After hours of work, and able to be on the after-hours Alantzariqaderh on Ambassrghaderh to work under pressure and on many Altqanyatmahlat ITILv3MCITPCCNA Mufidabakalorios in information technology-related field Mufidtejrebh 4-5 years with monitoring tools 4-5 years MS AD, Exchange supervisor, and raise the level of recovery 4-5 years backup, SAN Cisco router useful HP ProCurve LAN switch useful Altquintejrebh Net Mufedmarafh ITILv3 storage techniques copies Ctaatisescu routing TCP / IP V4 (V6 useful) skills (personal and interpersonal) good team Aabalmpetkrhjazmjhaz run Mahrkiokhz Alambaderhaltoasl good skills Allfezahmkan Occupation: Cape Analands, WCA

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Senior systems manager for systems based to provide support will also need
Senior systems manager, for systems based, to provide support, will also need

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