QA test engineer (CPT), years of experience, for individuals to, Job Type PermanentJob - Cape Town, South Africa


QA test engineer (CPT), years of experience, for individuals to, Job Type PermanentJob

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Feb 18
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Company Name: Parvana provide strategic resources Position Type: Full-time key role &; Responsibilities: The successful candidate will help to ensure the quality of a number of software products. Position involves the creation and implementation of software testing specifications. There will be need for individuals to work individually as well as part of a team. The role includes responsibility for creating and maintaining test environments. There is also a need test engineers to design, create and maintain scripts automated testing. Position Type: Full Kamilalratb: Salary Altnavsihaltalim: Education &; Qualifications: Qualified university in computer science or engineering and years of experience in least2 in skills development programs environment.Technical &; experience: 2-4 years to understand concepts related experience.Excellent test and the role of QA in skillsManage and development lifecycleExperience test software programs solve complex problems and logical systemsAnalytical test and set standards outputs test projectsMaintain and reporting on testing deliverablesIdentify to improve test plans test efficiencyWrite and develop skills test and ease approachIdentify project risksSQL, including writing queriesAbility SQL to follow algorithmAbility for writing and editing scriptsAbility test to create and maintain environmentsAbility tested to work in a team statement requirements environment.Work: South Africa accommodation citizens only or permanently. EXPERIENCE: Job Title: Engineer QA test (CPT) Job Type: PermanentJob ID: 1000685City: Cape Town - CityCountry the Horn: AfricaAvailability southern: SalaryCompany competitiveness: RecruitingSalary now Parvana Strategic Sourcing (PTY) Reference Mahdodhalno.: 2153/1269

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QA test engineer CPT years of experience for individuals to Job Type PermanentJob
QA test engineer (CPT), years of experience, for individuals to, Job Type PermanentJob

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