Purchase Manager, turnover and achieve, of all Kthbalkiem, order to compile - Cape Town, South Africa


Purchase Manager, turnover and achieve, of all Kthbalkiem, order to compile

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  • Date Posted: May 09
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Company Name: Yazoo Recruitment Do you have excellent planning and organizational skills, you work well under pressure, and to think strategically and innovatively? Do you have a tendency to create a strong and excellent presentation skills? Do you have a strong numerical ability and enjoy the analyzes of the data and the numbers? ? This may be the position for you.?? There will be a need to manage and direct, inspire and implementation of textile goods and the procurement function through the selection of products ranging commercially viable that will appeal constantly and grow our customer base and the value of their responses profitably.? Minimum requirements:? Qualifications, experience and skills A qualified university retail High Asalhma at least 10 years buying experience in an environment Altdzihalhadd minimum of 5 years management experience Nasatguen on MS office products (Excel Advanced)? Performance areas Alrisahaladarh Finance? Ensure that the action plan and achieve the goals of the Ksmadarh profitability in terms of sales growth , markdowns, margins, and in turn account securities Almalahalmsúlh by signing off the sale price, and quantity on the margin plan group Almstrinmracbh and managing budgets purchase budget Cabhadarh develop products?? Management Alastratejahalmcharkh in strategic planning and review processes at the level of Aladarhmahrk drive and strategic influence in all around the circle and ensure effective implementation to identify and investigate new business opportunities and propose ideas that will enable the business to re itself ahead of our competitors? Management View Almentjathompsúlh and accountable for the operation of the overall performance of textile purchasing department Management buy a team in the creation and delivery of ranges and profitable commercial production Showing quarterly to pay for a new direction in the topics and trends Almosmehtaktit and determine the scope and the type and quantity of the products according to the analysis, business planning and demand from Alamlaaard goods on major reviews and meetings to be informed, in a confident and Almhennehhumicoisna ensure the group through all the variables and lifestyles such as contemporary traditional Mkabldman balanced group via modern and formulas most Mabieadman all product meets the required quality standards and that the quality requirements are communicated effectively to suppliers? management Alsaasatemrajah and update pricing policies and conditions in compliance with the guidelines and internal regulations of Foreign Affairs? planning, analysis and Altgarerthalil weekly and monthly basis according to the reports and meetings Alatjahectabh reports and sales forecasts while analyzing numbers Alambaattakiam critical successes and failures of the past through the analysis - to highlight the risks and Alfrsabrhen the presence of approaches dealer to evaluate and take advantage of Alfrsamrajah every month sales, stock and markdowns and identify opportunities and Tprusd All orders are due on a weekly basis to develop plans Emergency if the challenges Tencoaaadad, activation and monitoring of all documents planning to be able to make informed decisions going? driving creativity and innovation within the ranges Almntgelham creativity and innovation within the Division of Hramoakph future trends (using internal and external resources) and building in the ranges Almntgabrhen the presence of approaches brutal and innovative of all aspects of products, combining taste creative with feasibility Altjarahdman ranges displayed a sense of style and attention Baltvasellensay constantly to develop uniqueness in Offers Almntgataathakik technical application of Alnatjebena base supplier focused and effective, by finding new suppliers and maintain beneficial relationships with suppliers Alhaliyntkadim summaries of detailed and clear to suppliers, and marketing , Alkhyeerhen on a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process, for example, lead times, cost, Alkhadl on the technical understanding of the sound of the product, and apply this to visualize the final product in the production and style? utilize effectively the systems and Alamlyatalasthaddam effective to buy goods Calendar to plan and prioritize the flow of Alamlastarad and implementation of acquisitions effective to increase efficiency across the divide? Show instinct merchant Alsothafezt yet Directions retail domestic and international, and predicted Alngaratanteg review indexes abroad and sites on the Internet and present findings and recommendations Alvsalihthdid competitors and control the activities of all Kthbalkiem regular visits to the store in order to compile reports shop Alnspahmoakph to the impact of economic trends that affect on the retail sector and apply these in making Alaqraredman test appropriate concepts and Almentjatard sound logic / skills Altateraltfawd internally effectively (colleagues, management) and externally (suppliers) to improve the performance Almntqhasthaddam Effective Presentation Skills to represent the decision of the region and the impact of making while integrating key players in the Forum which encourages Anakachthms others with a sense of excitement and passion for a product area? management Nasdman buying team members of the Division have clear objectives and concrete, which are assessed twice a year through the process of performance management SPLA Alchoratkadim regular reports to the Procurement Division in Adaúhamozvin mentor and identify needs and develop growth plans Aloziviaufer effective leadership to team members in order to reduce turnover and achieve optimal efficiency of Zarhdman team works effectively with individuals across the business to gain knowledge about the strategies and business processes to improve overall profitability and customer service? There will be a need to pay attention to detail, and work accurately and comprehensively, be organized and have the ability to meet deadlines.? If you are a citizen of SA and CV your meet the above requirements, please reply via email to Teresa de la Harpe.? Recognizing that diversity is the key to excellence, our client encourages private members of groups identified for the application .???? Occupation: Weinberg, WCA

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Purchase Manager turnover and achieve of all Kthbalkiem order to compile
Purchase Manager, turnover and achieve, of all Kthbalkiem, order to compile

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