Poets to open the vein of hair, age of the, Thursday, May 9, Ko Un Korea - Cape Town, South Africa


Poets to open the vein of hair, age of the, Thursday, May 9, Ko Un Korea

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: May 06
  • Phone: 0219953637
Hair convoy is a special stop at the Cat on Thursday, May 9, as part of a week-long poetry festival entitled Dancing In other words, organized by well-known poet Breytenbach Brighton. Will be contenders for the Nobel Prize, political opponents and activists, and the award-winning poets from all over the world to participate in an annual lunch hour hair Arts College at 1:00 to 2:00 in the hall of the library., And some home-grown poets Kat to perform alongside Ko Un (Korea ), Carolyn Forche (USA), Yang Lian (China) TOMAZ Šalamun (Slovenia), Joachim Sartorius (Germany) Marlene van Niekerk, Hans van den Waarsenburg, Petra Mueller, have been invited David Shulman and Antjie Krug.? These poets to travel together under the concept of the age of the ancient African travel as a convoy perform with local poets. Everything culminates in a weekend celebration in the discussion and reading, dance on Speer estate.? Among the poets is Ko Un, a prolific unusually South Korea poet, political prisoner? Previous and men who have been mentioned regularly as a frontrunner for? On the the Nobel Prize in the literature. Also TOMAZ Šalamun, a Slovenian poet recognized as a leading neo-avant-garde hair in Central Europe which translates widely? Earned him critical acclaim worldwide. The American poet Caroline Forché, the translator and human rights activist who serves as co-chair of Annan in the hair at Georgetown University, to be here, as well as Yang Lian,? , Who was exiled after the Tiananmen massacre in China. The been done, intomore the translate?University of the Western Cape, Hall Almketbhsar: Mjanaloa other inquiries, please contact:? Franwin Strawshatv: 021-959 3677

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Poets to open the vein of hair age of the Thursday May 9 Ko Un Korea
Poets to open the vein of hair, age of the, Thursday, May 9, Ko Un Korea

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