Playstation 2,3, Wii, Xbox and laptop (reform), not read the, shut down during, using powerful software - Cape Town, South Africa


Playstation 2,3, Wii, Xbox and laptop (reform), not read the, shut down during, using powerful software

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Mar 27
  • Phone: 0735336155
Type: Keyboards type: Playstation hello there, and how are they run a video game your day? If the answer is not so well correctly gives Paul a call may do something and we do not know? Give different services on gaming consoles such as:? PS 2 SLIM? laser the alternative R 350: ERROR DISC, and not reading, scratches, or freeze plays music CD only. 6 months Amadmonaalsulth replacement Supply R 250: Do not light Alahmralqrs replacement Motor R 250? Laser tape replacement R 150? Switch replacement button R 150RCA AV cable cable or R 100 lose power JACK reform R 100? Control Repair R 50? High temperature R 150? Service R 100 units for sale: PlayStation 2 slim Bieitalq command controller with 1, and cables and all games 7 Need for Speed ​​Alkrbunltinayn Ball Z world Anaaúindae Duty 5 Pro Evolution 2012 Tekken 5? Street Fighter Alzkrymortal Kombat for Armageddon R 850PLAY STATION 3 SLIM FAT and? BLUE-RAY laser replacement R 650: Do not pick up the games, freezes while playing games or plays only AUDIO disk or DVD. 6 months guaranteed YLOD R 400PS3 SLIM completely shut down during the play: R 400-600? High temperature R 300? Replacement power supply FAT R 500 replacement power supply R 600 SLIMRCA cable AV cable or R 100HDD repair data corruption R 400? Black screen R 500 video signal? jamming Blu-ray disc reset R 250 controller repair R 200 Service R 200 re-balling R 900PS3 sound and fat VINYL R 120/PC including 2 CONTROLLERS Nintendo WII laser alternative R 500: ERROR DISC, and not read the disc or freeze during play.6 months Amadmonaartvaa degrees heat R 300RROD and 74-E lasting reform: RE-R 900 balling XBOX SLIM laser the alternative R 500: ERROR DISC not read the disk or freezes while playing. 6 months Amadmonaartvaa temperature R 300E-82 R reform 400? LAPTOP install the operating system OS R 500: the computer does not boot properly, very slow while using it, or just virus infection upgrade? Minimum requirements: 1 MEMORY RAM GIG high temperature R 450: Unit shut down while watching movies, and many open windows, using powerful software or Adahvqdt Password R 250? Service R 350: keep it up and running for a period of Toalheetm accept the wholesale laser or another part of PS 2, PS 3, XBOX 360, Nintendo

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Playstation 2 3 Wii Xbox and laptop reform not read the shut down during using powerful software
Playstation 2,3, Wii, Xbox and laptop (reform), not read the, shut down during, using powerful software

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