PA to Chief Financial Officer, CB , work Djidadarh Aellouktzlama, minutes and Erqammarafh - Cape Town, South Africa


PA to Chief Financial Officer, CB , work Djidadarh Aellouktzlama, minutes and Erqammarafh

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Oct 15
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Company Name: CME employment Palestinian Authority to Our Almalaalamlae manager, requires a personal assistant to the chief financial officer. The goal will be your primary Hsabathompsúl, reports, expenses for projects, and personal Habhmsaad. Knowledge / experience requirements: Qualifications: Diploma in Accounting / bookkeeping be useful TECHNICAL competencies: sound accounting Almarafhalkmpiotr literate 1. Excellence (Advanced), and knowledge of pivot tables and V-ups look 2. Microsoft Windows (Outlook, etc. words) minutes and Erqammarafh accounting package ACCPAC or similar is crucial EXPERIENCE requirements :5-10 years experience 'in a similar role must Mnhakaddrh to work Mstqlalthdiat Home: Dqhajtmaa appointments Alnhaúahmsaadh CFO allocated with the duties PERSONAL competencies: have Matahagdirh motives confidence and Sadeghalaml well under Aldgtalalaqat with customers Gidhmharrat communication Djidalmharrat Altnzimihalandmam to policies and procedures Acharkhgid writing Altaqarirokhalakiet work Djidadarh Aellouktzlama good RESPOSNIBILITIES: 1. Duties power Filstinihmzkrat Adarhtakhz minutes 2. Bank Real Estate Altsoeatalcrkat (WC, RS and Namibia SA) 3. Namdeb capture and analyze expenses Namdeb Excel4. Project Al_husabatalltqat and analysis of each project account 5. Card Deinerzathakq Diners balance Bataqhhsabat benefit of easy operation on Alogerthalil site Diners card statement and arrested in ACCPAC6. Daúnathalil receivables loan accounts Barnett GB / CB / CSC processing aid Tabahthdat Provident Fund and the schedule forward to Madarmaaljh aid requests medical aid Tabahadarh and reconciliation with payroll Almertbataathaddat box and schedule savings forward to Madarttaghiz personal payments for managers 7. Page Alsearataltqat and analyze all accounts Autopage8. Taminadarh tables private insurance fleet 9. Reconciliation Alnkadihadarh daily cash reconciliation sale 10. Assistant Ajpataadaalajabh telephone Madarmfattahalaqat / interactions: Interior: Financial Management (Foremozvin) Foreign Affairs: Auditors, and brokers medical aid, Aledjarsmasserh Fund and banks, customers and Mordenalratb R20 000CTC should please email CV your meet with all Sbakalmaeijer. Note: You will only short listed Almarchonalatsal. Location: Goodwood, WCA

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PA to Chief Financial Officer CB work Djidadarh Aellouktzlama minutes and Erqammarafh
PA to Chief Financial Officer, CB , work Djidadarh Aellouktzlama, minutes and Erqammarafh

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