New goods scheme, Thakiqalohdav selected by, reliable, follow through, cooperating on practical - Cape Town, South Africa


New goods scheme, Thakiqalohdav selected by, reliable, follow through, cooperating on practical

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Apr 24
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Introduction: It would be an ideal candidate for the role of assisting in the planning and implementation of forecasting and control of the product sales line, and repent, and margins that are compatible with the objectives of financial services, marketing and customer service related to our business.Description: The purpose of Durellmsaadh in the planning and implementation of forecasting and control of the sales of the product line, OTB and margins that are compatible with the relevant financial, marketing, and objectives of the customer service business. Malaalmsúlh for the management of key financial metrics such as sales (quantity and value of net sales), receipts, efficient inventory (stock and stock turn Abiemn through), an album of Health, COS% / gross margin, without reservation, relays, returns, out of stock eliminates as well as the average value of Bndaltkhtit and Altenbaadarh plans total sales in line with Altsoeqkhth for Snadman effective use of the application DirectTech manage the expectations of sales by category Osaschth work to reflect the direction of the circulation and opportunities Alatjahomtwazna ensure group supports Nmwaloamalaltaktit Effective and expectations of Azalhnchatadarh margin: Managing incoming GM% to Thakiqalohdav selected (by BU by material) management Almkhozonaladarh effective Otbdman quick reaction to changes in Altdaolonamat and proactively recommends changes to the OTB Almstqublthdid the reasons for the poor performance and Almnatqazaar respond in a timely and Almlaúmttaiwir management and removal of an effective strategy Altsfihaharjh management course : driving while Almanasebastlam product in Mistoda'df optimal efficiency of securities Almalahadarh cancellation and alternatives in Khtma goals Utilise DirectTech to support the identification time Almnaspuoda strategies on the good sellers and Saihtajrakulaiht_khasas sales and OTB - reforecast proactive sales and OTB Veastjabh trends Altdaoltdaol active - the leadership of the effective use and appropriate committees Tele (up and down) to address Alambiethalergbh risk - ensuring OTB and sales Almanasph_khass to test new categories and Thdidoalastjabh effectively to business opportunities and Altahedadataatejrebh customers - Dmaneetm develop presentations that resonate with customers (ie, not more than Allazemeetm alignment offers complex), and that to the best international practices and business support Altjarahnmoudamalabdaih to ensure communication / implementation Alfermhhd competitive - Ardabdo understanding of the target market and Moakphany now on developments competitor, while keeping up the remainder of the developments in the local retail and Atahnzam, practical and Thalilatdman effective use of analytical cubic data warehouse and Harikma areas of BI and the other to ensure data are identified and made available Bsaolhely user via Almkaabataatkadim analysis and timely Alfalaltaqarir (ad hoc and periodic) for all stakeholders and pay a culture of excellence with regard to the safety of Albeanatdam business strategy and Thdidalfrs to enhance existing systems to support the effectiveness العملإستراتيجيةاحتفظمواكبة developments and reactions to the international business and Mahlahaly opportunities Altnumeiahibtalmassalh goods WRT developments and improvements Nzamdf competencies and Thdidodf implementation time / cost-saving improvements to the system while improving the experience Alamlaoualhvaz on the efficiency and effectiveness processe and Thdidfrs to improve the cost / efficiency time, and the development of processes that support the business strategy and ARTNER by working to ensure the development and deployment of Falhthasinat process / Mekdmabtalmassalh goods when cooperating on practical developments Altjarahalaml collective and involve Mozvinbkiedhsepel example and be a leader reliable, follow through on commitments, and strive to Kiemce correct when business decisions and powerful groups Alokhalaqahalmaeijerkhalq environment and maintain Alyalanfattah, fairness and impartiality among the members of Alvrivtaziz and develop effective working relationships with Aldakhalahacharca consider other areas needed when prioritizing Alamlalmttlebatt: Mahlatalsaf 12 (pairing) Chhadhdblom Marketing (IMM) or Commercial / Retail Almahilalbrh and Almharatohnak minimum 1 2 years experience in the Department of Planning Tjarhajb be reading and writing computer with Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint Bointzmat and Slukiatemmtaz planning and coordination ability with analytical skills Qoahakaddrh to work well under pressure and meet deadlines Alsarmaajb to show the level of Alhzmijb be performance driven and focused Alentaújakaddrh decision-making in the field of business insight and Altusiataathakik router, as well as approach is adaptable, innovative and Khalaqhmmtaz personal-solving skills, with particular attention to detail Mchklhalmharrat verbal and written and presentation Qomistoaat high energy to work in an environment filled with Balthaddiaatmkan Occupation: Cape Town southern suburbs, WCA

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New goods scheme Thakiqalohdav selected by reliable follow through cooperating on practical
New goods scheme, Thakiqalohdav selected by, reliable, follow through, cooperating on practical

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