Musharraf station AA or EE (Cape Town harbor), from the timeframes, operational plans addressing, processes and applications - Cape Town, South Africa


Musharraf station AA or EE (Cape Town harbor), from the timeframes, operational plans addressing, processes and applications

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: May 07
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Company Name: West Coast Personnel company specializing in liquid bulk storage, and seeks Musharraf Terminal? Storage management station that stores liquids that come off the ship until it is transported by tankers to the sites. Will coordinate and control the functions of operating the station through the application of the procedures set forth with respect to monitoring and inspection sequences, and assess the capabilities of the resources of individuals and competencies and the implementation of measures / interventions corrective action to ensure the levels of job performance optimization is to maintain support the achievement of the objectives of service delivery. You will need to work shifts.? Key performance areas: monitoring and control applications procedural associated with the operations of the station Cape Town. Coordinates and controls the functions / activities of individuals and allocated and the results of preference. Coordinate administrative requirements and reporting specific. Maintain the commitment and compliance to company / division 's objectives and actions.? main responsibilities: observers and procedural controls applications associated with the operation of the station Cape Town, through: inspecting and interacting with members (internal and external) in light of the transaction procedures at the site, and supporting facilities, and correct the deviation. reporting and obtaining the approval of the guidelines on receive and send specific actions of amendments superior and implement immediate and ensure service delivery objectives of preservation. evaluate and correct deviations or non-compliance with safety and standard operating procedures and / or the investigation, and the establishment of the causes of accidents and reporting and / or accidents. coordinate drawing Journal of the product sample of tanks beach and processes procedural related. any other tasks reasonably / activities as instructed by your boss. resolving disputes / conflicts with the operators of more than controls and procedures and / or attend specific to matters concerning the trespassers / vagrants threaten the safety and operations of the site. physical inspection and continuous monitoring of the levels of tank and resolve the contradictions that followed that. coordinate and monitor all activities procedural transaction from beginning to end of products to and from the ships / vessels, including validation and secure the use of water cannons and ship / shore right destination tank. stay in constant contact with officers ship all over the loading / unloading operation ships in the light of the levels of the movement of products and pumping data compression. maintaining levels of constant communication with key personnel in light of the allocation of transportation for the movement of the product. supervise and maintain a system of PMI and the ensuing applications reporting. coordination and verification of activities procedural Given the state of hygiene, and the ensuing documents supporting the maintenance of operational before and after the related facilities (tanks, tubes / dock lines, etc.), including the testimony of surveyor Navy. monitoring the activities of procedural load / unload of rail / vehicle tankers and the ensuing supporting schedules / reports and or maintenance documents . ensure the transfer of tank internal complies with the operating procedures set forth, and must occur deviations from the desired outcome activities luck. maintain assurance standards acceptable in site management and guidelines and notes the legal requirements / regulations. coordinates and controls the functions / activities of individuals and allocated and the results give priority, by: monitoring attendance / behavior, production and processing deviations of performance indicators agreed upon during the meetings / advice and / or other means approved aims to improve and motivate staff. establish the adequacy and availability of personnel against agreed outcomes and stimulating to the reference direct additional resources to support the implementation of operational plans. addressing the conflict in the workplace / behavior through the start and coordinate consultative processes and the implementation of disciplinary procedures specific. assessment and measures to facilitate the understanding of the processes and applications of procedural and / or provide input to the training needs identified. ensure an atmosphere conducive to promoting and sustaining levels of motivational, productivity and performance and improve the quality of work and life and is grown and maintained which will enable the company to achieve its goals of service delivery. and Bakedzabha members ensure and able to perform at acceptable levels, addressed deviations and implement corrective actions to maintain productivity and efficiency.? Coordinate administrative requirements and reporting specific, through: verification procedures maintenance and support of stocks daily and receiving / sending tables movement. Validate registrations data from the timeframes in the reports of unloading and subsequent readings every hour of pumping. Complete documentation educational / operational extract information from User activity and shipping for approval and processing. ensure compliance with the administrative sequence dictates the reporting requirements, approval procedures and maintenance records.? Maintaining the commitment to and compliance with company / division 's objectives and actions by: complied ensure instructions and procedures division with. Health and safety rules professional compliance. Ensure function without interruption and completion scheduledtasks / activities. Making the determination available for overtime / outs call / stand by / transitions. develops personal relationships with each employee.? mail your resume to:? Occupation: Cape Town, WCA

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Musharraf station AA or EE Cape Town harbor from the timeframes operational plans addressing processes and applications
Musharraf station AA or EE (Cape Town harbor), from the timeframes, operational plans addressing, processes and applications

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