LOUBSER, of our 6, and family Mara, the rest of - Cape Town, South Africa


LOUBSER, of our 6, and family Mara, the rest of

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Dec 02
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George Philip Truter (Flip) 08/17/1927 - 11/26/2012 greatest rock and anchor, our adviser, Monday quietly and unexpectedly Mtoukagader to his heavenly home. Thank you, Lord, for that 85-year-old father as part of our 6 children and my mother's life. Is divided hearts, but give heavenly father with the rest of the sister, Naomi. Pope will not be Nsaanhouihab father. Comfort gently in the arms of Jesus. Christelle and Alawladwil, and Sharon children, Marlise, and Brendan PoenLochner, Juanita and boys, desire, Johan and boys. Went quietly face quiet. Was a privilege to him in the past 3 years I could care and with the memories of a good heart and compassion and gratitude to my heavenly Father believed to refer to it. Thank you for the support and assistance of my children and family. Mara

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LOUBSER of our 6 and family Mara the rest of
LOUBSER, of our 6, and family Mara, the rest of

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