Java Developer Cape Town, to work in, similar tool control, Sun Java certification - Cape Town, South Africa


Java Developer Cape Town, to work in, similar tool control, Sun Java certification

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Feb 22
  • Phone:
Company Name: Studio 29 - Specialist IT placements role and responsibilities: As an experienced developer, and will be part of the development team responsible for the implementation of quality code changes initiated by customers (support) or product management (development). You will need to be able to work closely with analysts notaries, designers and test to provide high quality products for a specific time period.? Skills and experience:? Experience \ Qualifications: degree or equivalent qualification higher with computer science major from technikon recognized or University . minimum of 5 years experience of commercial software developing? Java: Minimum 3 years experience Java, using at least JDK 1.4 should be ready to work in an environment J2SE must be proven development capabilities server side. should be Java \ Swing and JDBC development experience. experience in developing application system, not just Web / Mobile applications CORBA knowledge advantage. Sun Java certification useful? database: must be relational databases strong and experienced procedure Almkhozntekon comfortable building complex SQL queries high Aladaorakl will be an advantage.? General: UNIX (HP-UX, and Solaris and / or AIX) experience Mvidhajb to be comfortable with the implementation of designs OO, and be able to interpret graphs design UML. background communications useful CVS, vandalism, or similar tool control experiment version is an advantage. The work must be either knowledge or Eclipse or builder J NetBeans? personality traits: be able to work overtime and standby when Alhajhajb be able to work in a team. ability to work well under pressure, especially in maintaining a balanced approach and logical. managed self-motivated and Almatahajb be able to use initiative and decision Lhghaderh communication Alfaltgarir on progress and raise issues / problems when Aldharorhmketb site: Cape Taunmkan Position: Cape Town, WCA

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Java Developer Cape Town to work in similar tool control Sun Java certification
Java Developer Cape Town, to work in, similar tool control, Sun Java certification

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