Head of Marketing and Communications, teams To develop, leadership and initiatives, income and loan - Cape Town, South Africa


Head of Marketing and Communications, teams To develop, leadership and initiatives, income and loan

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Feb 06
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Company Name: Companies placements Position Type: Full-time key performance areas: overseeing the preparation and development of a comprehensive product strategy proposal in line with the business strategy and work collaboratively across teams to ensure the application of lens customers consistently for all development. The production, possession and overall product portfolio management plan, and delivery of leadership and focused plan based on priorities value.Lead and implement a pricing strategy to improve business performance and customer. Evaluation and selection of alliance partners to provide products and provide management services and day-to-day working relationships. This includes investigating sources BEE service provider and direct spending to meet the objectives of BEE portfolio performance targetsAchieve and business cost effective objectivesEnsure managementDevelop and maintain a research program effectively along with marketing for development to validate the hypothesis and support, retention and sales For plan.Stay of market trends and able to competition, and the relevant legislation in the events suitable for stakeholders statutory bodies and management relations: relations with colleagues to develop and key stakeholders to ensure customer focus and initiatives that meet the requirements of public work building a team motivated and high-performance committed to achieving success through all staff goals otherAchieve EE line with the strategyBe EE of the leadership team: Be part of the leadership team - a model example by behavior and leadership and initiatives styleSupport goals through participation in the meetings of the leadership team and coordination of other activities with senior managers if you are interested in this position, and you have the requirements of our customers' ; s minimum, please send your CV to Zarina Quote position you apply for in the subject line of your e-mail, for zarina@corporateplacements.co.za. The selections will be made in accordance with the work plan stock companies. Please note that candidates will be contacted only selectors. Position Type: Full Kamilalratb: market Related Asalhaltalim: Requirements: business class in graduate + level10 year '; relevant experience in retail banking or credit communication / networks attributes industryPersonal: shows passion and commitment to excellence, customer, and brand and organization, each other, and South Africa and models shift sustainabilityRole values ​​the company: accounting, teamwork, quality and commitment AchievementDemonstrates high performance - and deliver focused and oriented goals flexible, and feeds on the competencies and respond to performance feedbackFunctional: Understanding the experts for the service industry Finance with special emphasis on information technology products, and lack of interest income and loan sales experience strategic and operational levelKnowledge senior storage card and relative loyalty of industryAbility retail management relations with coalition partners and service providers to ensure that agreed targets and service levels according to the Liberation Army Alsudanalkhbrh process: translation strategy Business marketing strategy / plan in cooperation with companies and retail marketing teams. To develop and implement internal and external marketing and sales support programs, serious, for the integration of these programs, in support of the company's products. To act as a gatekeeper for all marketing activities for the business. Ref: 6395/344

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Head of Marketing and Communications teams To develop leadership and initiatives income and loan
Head of Marketing and Communications, teams To develop, leadership and initiatives, income and loan

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