Director held:, experience in construction, water desalination and, that both parties - Cape Town, South Africa


Director held:, experience in construction, water desalination and, that both parties

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Feb 03
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Company Name: Inelek Holding (Pty) Ltd. - Cape Town Position Type: Full-time client details: Our client is an international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, generating energy from the sun, producing biofuels, and sea water desalination and recycling of waste Industrial project: the customer has been awarded the first solar projects concentrated in two of the country by the Ministry of Energy in South Africa: one Solar KHI (50 MW): ·; This will be the project our customers ’ third solar power tower business. ·; & Nbsp; This plant represents important technological advances in efficiency ·;. It comes as a result of the latest generation of solar tower technology using steam. And; nbsp; ·; plant will also use advanced dry cooling technology, which dramatically reduces water consumption by 80%. ·;; Nbsp; tower plant is located on a hectare site near Upington 600, also in the Northern Cape Province. KaXu solar, 100 MW: ·; nbsp, will parabolic trough plant has the capacity to store for 3 hours, and will be located on the site ha 1100 near the town of Pofadder in the Northern Cape Province ·;. Nbsp; station will prevent 315,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year. ·; This plant also uses technologically advanced dry cooling system. You must meet the requirements, please send your CV to update Michelle @ inelek. Joint. Zanua Job: Time Kamilalozifah: NEG. Education: We are looking for a new manager a contract with a technical background (engineers with some experience in construction or engineering of power plants) in order to provide our customers with a team a clear understanding of the technical aspects of some of the claims and disputes that will arise. There may be a need winning candidate to travel and spend a few weeks in Spain learning for period.Mission: to manage the full life cycle of the subcontracts for the project, and support the process of negotiating subcontracts, and contract management, claims management and supervision of compliance with contractual obligations to subcontractors. Ensure the formalization and documentation of cases associated with each (for example: the temporary reception) subcontractor, and finally to close / settle subcontracts. As well as provide support to the Project Manager in the management of major support Supply Procurement Management 's; technicians in the negotiation of subcontracts for the project, to ensure that the technical requirements Warranty / Contractual is consistent with the requirements of the main contract and ·;; nbsp; defining obligations and responsibility for each and every one of the subcontractors and, along with the director of subcontracts of all, pay attention to ensure that both parties to fulfill their obligations in a timely and conditions set forth in subcontracts. ·; Ensure, among other things, that contractors preparation and validation of bonds required, with a commitment to the timeframes attractions contractual, etc. ·; support the project manager in the management of the main contract, and determine the company's obligations ’ s and responsibilities, to follow The formalization of accidents resulting from the main contract being managed and monitored claims. Making contractual claims for contractors and ensure an appropriate response to the claims made to contractors contractual whether economic, or time frame than any other type. EXPERIENCE: Location: North CapeSalary: NEG. Duration: long-term incorporation 3 years of the date of the contract: 01.02.2013 Ref: 6915/561

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Director held experience in construction water desalination and that both parties
Director held:, experience in construction, water desalination and, that both parties

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