Chief Financial Officer, solutions to remove, business plans Maintaining, Ensure efficient processing - Cape Town, South Africa


Chief Financial Officer, solutions to remove, business plans Maintaining, Ensure efficient processing

  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
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  • Date Posted: Mar 19
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Company Name: Professional Services Professional - Cape Town Position Type: Full-time and having systems in place accurate and powerful billing and collection processes, fees and payment of creditors. IT recruitment and solutions to remove the handle and a lot of routine financial functions and operational control areas of what is possible in a way that cost-effective. Ensure support information technology solutions and standardized interfaces to applications through the use of financial graphs joint accounts, and common rules engines shared data structures. The presence and infrastructure to ensure that manages financial data and information as a corporate asset. Use of information technology to support the solution and the management of financial data and processes. Provide a comprehensive system of management and performance reporting for monitoring all aspects of the company's performance. Make sure that the management team understand and are sensitive to the financial implications of external events and the effects of the administrative procedures and decisions to achieve business plans. Maintaining the effectiveness and cost-effective financial control processes. Ensure efficient processing transactions lowest acceptable level of risk and control across the business. Monitor financial transactions processing costs, and each branch. Be in place skilled personnel capable of handling financial transactions efficiently, and analyze the performance of the business, and the interpretation of results and effective communication to management and others. Ensure adequate staffing, training, performance management, training and development and harmonization of staff to the company's strategy and objectives. Position Type: Full Kamilalozifah: R25 000 P / Maltalim: must CA or B.Com (Hons) with articlesApplicant at least 8 years experience in similar position. Strong human resources and leadership skills. The ability to solve complex problems and think on their feet. The ability to think like organizer and preparation strategies. To have an overall positive outlook, and the ability to carry themselves in a professional manner at all times. Adapt well to change, and the ability to work in a team and keep the team motivated at all times. Customer service and innovative. EXPERIENCE: My client is a travel agency based in Belleville so that areas looking for someone with strong experience with the business as well as financial acumen to join their team. The company has offices nationally and is looking at other expansions. Ref: 4920/784

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Chief Financial Officer solutions to remove business plans Maintaining Ensure efficient processing
Chief Financial Officer, solutions to remove, business plans Maintaining, Ensure efficient processing

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